App Advisory for Accountants and Bookkeepers
Cloud Accounting

We are seeing a lot of Accountants wanting to move away from the annual bottlenecks and revenue streams into additional services that bring monthly income and regular off season work.

Customers are demanding more. There are a lot of Cloud Accounting options out there that will help them and Apps that will improve their business, reduce their workload and help them scale and grow. If you are not talking to them about this then someone else will be.

Key topics to check out:

  1. How to choose and implement apps
  2. Potential service categories
  3. Using the cloud in an accountancy business
  4. What services can an accountants or bookkeepers deliver more revenue?
  5. Why should accountants do App Advisory

Talk to us about the cloud strategy for your Bookkeeping or Accountancy Practice by contacting us here.

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