What Services Can an Accountants or Bookkeepers Deliver More Revenue?
Cloud Accounting

if you are still needing to figure out why you are looking at App Advisory then I would recommend starting with a read of our blog on <Why should Accountants and Bookkeepers do App Advisory>   - otherwise let’s look at how to grow your revenue.

And just before we start - please make sure the services you decide to deliver are repeatable and scalable. You will need to ensure your systems and processes are configured for the new services and if any new tools are needed. Check out more on this using the Cloud in an Accounting business.

OK, so now what services do you set up?

The services you decide to deliver will depend on 2 factors:

Where your Bookkeeping or Accountancy Practice is at on your Cloud journey.

  • What tools do you use already
  • What skills do the team have with apps
  • Do you want to just focus on finance functions or extend to other apps?
  • How much of the process do you want to do? Guide them and ensure they measure outcomes, teach them the process, or do the implementations and configurations for them?

Where your customers are at on their cloud journey

  • Are they on the cloud or not?
  • What is their technical skillset like?
  • Do you have a large number in a specific industry type? Eg Hospitality or Retail

Based on this you can choose to start small and grow your skills and services over time. Engaging with an expert can help you do this. They can pick up the slack and then hand over to you as you grow your in-house ability to increase services.

Likewise, you may find if your customers are already tech savvy, they want to do a lot themselves and you help by facilitating the process and they do the work.

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